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  • Cu-Ni-Cr over Steel/Brass/Zamak/Aluminum

    Another common application is the decorative Copper - Nickel -Chrome (hexavalent or trivalent) electro-plating over the metaling base products. Typical applications are performed in sanitary business, bathroom and kitchen furniture, and automotive applications. It is performed on the jigs.

    The generic process flow is as follows:

    Pretreatment - Copper plating - Nickel Plating - Chrome (III or VI) - Chrome Reduction - Drying

    Bozkurt-PE delivers the best efficient design together with optimum equipment selection that perfectly fits to the customer's requirement.

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  • Plating on plastics

    Plating on Plastics:

    One of the most common decorative electroplating process is plating on plastics mainly requested in automotive interior & exterior trim parts and household appliances. The generic process flow is as follows:

    Plastics metallization - copper Plating - Double/Triple Nickel / Satin Nickel and finally triple/hexavalent chrome. Keeping the scrap rates at minimum while at higher production rates is crucial for efficient POP plating, so appropriate and optimum equipment selection is essential for an ideal system design.

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  • Anodizing and coloring of Aluminum

    Anodizing and coloring of Aluminum

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