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  • Tasks Planning

    Delivering on time, within the forecasted costs budget, using the resources allocated in the beginning.. It is essential to follow up the tasks, resources, costs and cash flow in an organized manner utilizing project management techniques and instruments. Visualizing the project tasks and the milestones is important for monitoring the project status and communicating with the project stakeholders: Suppliers, solution partners, service providers and CUSTOMER.

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  • Logistics

    Planning and organization of logistics is crucial for the project delivery on time. Depending on the size of the project, delivery of the equipment just on time to the installation site is guaranteed thanks to the close follow-up of the tasks within the project management operations.

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  • Procurement

    Reliable elements build up the reliable systems.

    Thanks to an extensive supply-chain network, for sub-systems and supporting equipment, Bozkurt-PE integrates the optimum solution to the project. Bozkurt-PE works with globally recognized suppliers which are leaders trend-setters in their fields.

  • Suppliers Management

    Suppliers' performance is crucial for the sake of the project. To guarantee the best performance, Bozkurt-PE leads and directs the solution partners to the targets, by closely following-up the order status.

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